Anti Screen Saver

I got tired of my screen saver kicking in every 15 minutes. I usually have a new site that refreshes its content going in the background and glance to it from time to time. Unfortunately the screen saver turns on like clock work. I am not against the screen savers locking a terminal, I think it is great security. I will lock the screen when I want to.

So how do you keep a screen saver from turning on: I did it through mouse clicking. I tried just moving the mouse and sending characters to things like notepad, but it kept kicking in. I actually wrote this several years ago when I needed something to stop Camtasia from recording charts when I was gone.

There are two parts, the first is the coordinator. This just creates a data file that says where you want to click. I have tried it pushing the start button and just clicking on the desktop. Position the mouse and press the space bar when it is where you want it.

Then launch the mouse click. The only thing you will see is a small X in the upper left of the screen.

The clicker will start to click every 15 seconds. If you want to change the time, right click on the X which will ask you how long (in seconds) to wait before clicking the mouse.

The clicker will click twice with a 2 second wait between them in case you want to hit the start button and then close it again.

If you want to exit the app: just left click the X. The clicker will start the clock when the mouse stops moving, so you won't be interrupted if you are moving the mouse on your own.

The File